It’s been almost a year and this is the 50th post that I have published on this blog. It’s not east having to write all these posts and it’s not easy to score 50 points in a game either. However when it happens it’s a great feeling, in the zone, no one can stop you, and every things falling. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there have been less and less fifty point games as the seasons have gone on. Last year the only 50+ game I can remember was Curry’s 54 against the Knicks. But lately a couple of players have gone off for that 50. Two of the most talented scorers in the league have done it in the past few weeks. On January 17th Kevin Durant went off for 54 points against the Warriors. Isn’t it also amazing that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have the same career high but Curry got it a year sooner. And Today on Jan. 24 Carmelo Anthony went off for a career high of 62 points against the Charlotte Bobcats. There have been a lot of players that have gotten over fifty and only a few that have gotten of 60, so lets talk about some of them.

carmelo-anthony-knicks  Some great players have never gotten to score 50 points in a game Some examples would be Chris Paul and Steve Nash. They have gotten in the Forties but never the 50 point mark. There are some offensive minded point guards Like Rose and Westbrook that have yet to hit 50 as well. Paul Pierce is one of the few players who’s career high is a dead 50 point performance no more no less. With the 54 point game for Durant he joins some elite company as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy and countless others have scored 50 points. All the players who have scored 50 have offensive abilities unlike most others in the NBA. Durant can hit just about anything he looks at, James can dunks over anyone and finish through an incredible amount of contact, and Wade can trick his defenders as good as any one. There are also the players that got 60 or more and those guys are just on fire when they go for thoes numbers. Carmelo Anthony joins players Like Wilt the Stilt, MJ, Kobe, Iverson and more to get over 60 points. Carmelo could have gotten 70 if he wanted as he had about 59 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

espn_g_iversona2_400 Scoring fifty points in a game and writing fifty posts on a blog takes a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. Thanks to all of you that have been reading and hopefully we can get to 100.

Sam B.



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