Fantasy teams, With hall of Famers in them.

One thing that people love to do is to have a fantasy team with their friends. Everyone tries to get some Like LeBron or Rondo. But what would your fantasy team look like with some of the all time greats? Lets find out.


The first player I would take would be Oscar Robertson, during the 1961-62 season. He averaged 30 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists. The man is a walking triple-double, literally. He also shot the ball around 50% so he wouldn’t screw up that all important field goal percentage. Also steals and blocks weren’t recorded so who knows how many of them he got. Frankly I would take him in any season because he averaged a triple double or near triple double for 6 seasons. All of them he was averaging 30ppg 10apg and 10rpg more or less. So he is the guy that will get it all for you. Another player I would take would be John Stockton. I don’t have to say any stats in particular. He wound up having the most steals and assists in the NBA. He could also shoot the ball very well. He has everything you would want your point guard to give you in a fantasy team.


The next major superstar I would take would be Wilt Chamberlain. More precisely, when he was playing for the Warriors. He averaged anywhere from 40-50 points in those seasons and like 20 rebounds it was so unfair what he could do.  Double teams, triple-teams nothing could stop him. Also Wilt was a very good passer ( that gets over looked a lot.) at the time. In the 1967-68 season he lead the league in assists with 8.6 a game, and is the only center to ever lead the league in assists. What makes it better is that when Wilt was playing Assists were very difficult to get. so he could have had a triple-double season of his own if he was playing with the way assists are run know. Also in his time blocks and steals were not recorded so that is another fact that would have to be taken in.

All in all if you were to take the numbers from some of the all time greats and put them in your fantasy team, you’d be unstoppable. Also with people like LeBron putting up 25 ppg 8 rpg and 6 apg a night it’s easy to forget that there were players that could do it better than him.

So who would you take in your fantasy team if you had the chance?


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