My Top 5 Power Forwards ( of the last 10 years)

The power forward is the all important big man and can be the most versatile player on the floor. What sets these next 5 guys are apart is the ability to do somethings not every power forward can do.

5. Chris Bosh

cbosh_300_080130 CB4 as he was called was one of the most productive power forwards when he played with the Raptors averaging 20+ ppg and 10+ rpg for well over 5 years and he was the only power forward doing it at the time. He is a nightmare to guard 6’11 and a jump shot out to the three point line he is hard to stop. That’s what he does he’s not a traditional power forward, but you can’t argue with results. When he joined the Heat his numbers went way down but that’s because he accepted the third option on offense and now that he is with the Heat he’s become an underrated player.

4. Rasheed Wallace

rasheed-wallace-celticsRasheed “the sheed” Wallace was a dominant power forward for the Blazers and Pistons. Best know for being on that 04 championship squad that beat the Lakers. He could do it all score, rebound, defend, but what made him so great was his three point shot. Unlike Bosh who’s a streaky three point shooter Wallace hits with regularity. As time passed he fell in skill but was still as effective helping the Celtics in 2010 to reach the final and helped the Knicks start off strong in last season.

3 Dirk Nowitzki


A skinny kid came to the NBA from Germany and revolutionized the Power Forward Position. Dirk is a great shooter, the best 7 foot shooter in the NBA. As the years went on he went in the post more and expanded his game. In 2011 he became a champion with Dallas (and Finals MVP) and has been there his entire career. His one legged fade away is so deadly that not many people can stop it. In fact people like Kobe and Durant use the fadeaway and many others do too. There is no doubt that this man is an all time great. Perennial all star, all NBA player, a first ballot hall of famer, and the greatest international player the NBA has ever seen.

2. Kevin Garnett one of the greatest power forwards to play the game. He is a dominant scorer and rebounder but is best on the defensive end. His intensity on defense makes everyone else work harder and he is a natural leader.  MVP of the league in 04 and an NBA championship in 08 with so many other accolades makes him one of the most decorated NBA players ever.

1. Tim Duncan

tim-duncan- A first ballad hall of famer, Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward in the past 10 years and not only that but he’s considered the greatest power forward to ever play in the NBA. at 7 feet tall a jump shot to 16 feet and post up skills that match the all time greats he his one of the best scorers to ever play. Averaging 20+ ppg and 10+ rpg for his career and never missing a beat even in his old age is what makes him so great. His accolades match that of Kobe’s and these two are the two best players of their generation.

The Past 10 years have had a lot of great power forwards so tell me in the comments who you would put on.

Sam B.


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