Sturm und Drang

Storm and Struggle, in many cases this is the reality of what many NBA playoff teams face. They have to storm the opposition and struggle many times in the process. One major example was tonight, May 7th, 2013, the Indiana Pacers went twelve minutes and nine seconds with out scoring a single point; that is the definition of struggling in the NBA. It was a close game, but then the Pacers lost it falling by over 20 points. This was in large part due to the amazing play of the Knicks. Game one of this series was a different tale. Everything was going the Pacers’ way. Carmelo Anthony was struggling, shooting 10 of 28 from the field, so it goes to show any team on any given night can storm the court or struggle on it. knicks

Struggling is not simply missing shots on a court, it’s also missing the ones that are vital to your success, and a great feeling of pride and joy takes over when you can win under these circumstances. The best example of this is the Chicago Bulls. They had no Loul Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Derrick Rose (who hasn’t played all year) or Rip Hamilton. Despite all these losses the bulls hung on and were able to best the Nets in a seven game series and this was in a series where their bench practically became their starters and their bench was made of their bench warmers. This had to have been the most entertaining series because of the passion the teams played with, and also the fact that this was the only series to have seven games in it. Not only did the Bulls win their series against the Nets, they stormed Miami to take game one. On a night where LeBron James would be accepting his fourth MVP award and emotions were riding high on the Heat to win, they lost. Through all the problems this Bulls team has faced, they have shown one of the Greatest playoff pushes I have ever seen in the NBA.


Let’s talk about the other half, the storm, overwhelming your enemies and making it a nightmare for them. the Spurs were able to do this against the Los Angeles Lakers. In a series where the Lakers didn’t have Kobe, Nash, Blake, and other key pieces, the Spurs showed a display of brute force on the court. They beat them by double digits in every game, handing the Lakers their worst home playoff loss in team history, and sweeping them. At the end of the day, we all know it wasn’t a fair fight, but the spurs didn’t hold anything back this time. They have to account for a healthy and formidable Warriors team that has proved itself so far in these playoffs. If I’m going to talk about teams dominating on a basketball court, I have to include Miami because they swept the Bucks, and they did it so easily. It was like child’s play for them. Now is a different story where the defending champions have to play a battle-tested Bulls team.

spurslogo4-306x165-Sam B.


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